Our goal is to be that supportive part of your village, the girlfriend that you can turn to and trust, anytime!  We serve the greater Rochester area and provide a fully customized, luxury, all-inclusive plan to get you on the road to an organized and relaxing life!

Past Clients



A Successful business-woman who was out conquering the day and needed help keeping her home office organized and decluttered on a weekly basis


Working Mom

Full-time mom. Full-time job.  No time for managing the kid's paperwork, wardrobe changes, and toys.


Cross Country Move

Downsized and moved across the country.  She needed help getting settled in her new home and new town.  



Danielle started organizing at a young age... sorting through baseball cards and barbies as a kid!  She joined the Air Force after college and her true spirit animal was unleashed when she was an office and project manager for 4-years.  After separating from the military and starting a family, she began organizing a home office part-time for an amazing entrepreneur and business-woman.  She's married to an Air Force Officer and they move frequently so on their next assignment Danielle started branching out to kitchens, closets, playrooms, and wardrobes.  The most recent assignment brought her to the Rochester Area so her husband can pursue his PhD at Rochester Institute of Technology which gives Danielle the opportunity to extend her professional organizer abilities to New York!  She has experience with home offices, family organization, wardrobes, pantries, and moving and is looking forward to meeting new clients in her new town!

The reason behind the name of "My Village Pros" is because everywhere they have been stationed Danielle has needed to find her "Village".  Friends who become family to help her raise her family and live the best life possible.

When she is not organizing, Danielle enjoys traveling, playing sports, and hanging out with her wonderful family!